Things to consider when choosing commercial pool tiles

A commercial swimming pool without a floor it would look dull and dry. In most scenarios you may go out to look for tile to fit in you pool with a very wrong mind set, whenever you hear of pool floors what runs in your mind? Is it just color, aesthetics and design? Well they may be good features but that is not all that you need to consider and think of. Here are some other beneficial points to give a second thought.




It is important to go for tiles that are durable to give your pool a beautiful look for long. It is also important to note that the tiles used in and outside the pool are not the same so taking details of the materials used in making them would be profitable before you pick the tile.


Lifetime guarantee


Tiles would be expensive and replacing them every now and then can be very avoid all this stress and shame in maintenance it is advisable to go for tiles that have a lifetime guarantee against damage and even color fading. This will ensure that you have a pool with a very appealing look and save you some cash.




Commonly pool is made with either blue or white colors. These colors are good for reflection of light and give you pool that attracting view. One other factor to consider when looking for colors, it is important to think of the safety of the pool users and dark will not guarantee you that. With bright colors at the base of your pool, it will be easy to distinguish between deeper waters and shallow ends.




It is always very important to have a budget before investing. This helps you from getting stack at the middle of your project due to higher prices and at times missing priorities. With a budget at hand, it will be easy to identify the type of tiles you want and even secure the installing process.

Pool Tiles Direct Wholesaler

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From custom made patterns to traditional pool Tiles, Pool Tiles Direct can supply all types of tiles to suit all types of projects.

All Pool Tiles are certified for swimming pool use, and their custom makes blends suit your taste and provide you with a unique project.

The range has over 500 dissimilar kinds of glass tiles from iridescent, crystal glass to ceramic. The tiles are mesh mounted, and other kinds are removable paper facing providing maximum exposure to adhesives. The glass pool tiles are highly reflective and provide a luxury look.

Your pool will shimmer and be highly stylish. The reflective qualities of glass tiles give an illusion of depth, and the lighting of colors in glass tiles alters the look of the water which will appear brighter and clearer. Glass tiles are waterproof and will not fade being much easier to clean. They are very durable and will not be impacted by the elements or the water.

Every one dreams of a palatial house in the proximity of the city and what better way to make your home grand than a swimming pool! The pool is that possession of your house that adds both beauty and class to it. For getting the best pool tiles of different colors, shapes and varieties.

You get a broad range of finishes. The best kind of pool tiles that are in vogue these days are the crystal finish tiles that make your pool sparkle like the ocean. We supply clear glass tiles with the colored glaze which gives your pool a three-dimensional feel. They are also popular because they are very smooth to touch and very elegant. The best part about purchasing from us is that we give you free home delivery with no extra tariffs.

Pool tiles Australia Direct offer Australia and worldwide delivery service and pride themselves on customer service. When properly installed with the correct adhesive and grout the glass pool tiles characterize the most strong exterior swimming pool exteriors, they bid durable resistance to organic deterioration and other kinds of damage. Associated to other interiors such as plaster, aggregate or fiberglass which typically have a limited useful life. Glass pool tiles exteriors can recollect their look and surface veracity almost indefinitely.

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Swimming and playing in the water is incredible fun, regardless of the fact that you need to go to a lake, pool, a stream or the ocean to do it. keeping in mind the end goal to make full utilization of an aquatic pool, you truly need to live in a place where the climate is warm. The proprietor additionally needs some cash as pool upkeep expenses are high. Continue reading

Method to Clean domestic pool tiles

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If you place a swimming pool in the house then it would not just be a fun loving entertainment for the family but it would even appear as the great investment for the house as well. Swimming pools are one of the best sources for offering the relaxation and soothe surroundings to the individuals during the summer timings. But apart from all this, the actual trouble arises when it comes to the cleanliness of the domestic pool tiles. If the swimming pool tiles are not cleaned in proper manner then it would be might possible that stains and grease would attack at the tiles in just one month. Therefore it is always said that the swimming pool tiles should be cleaned after the break of one or two days. In this piece of article we are going to put forward the detailed method steps for helping the people in view of their swimming pool tiles cleanliness. Starting with, the individual should take the telescopic handle and attach the tile scrubber with it. You should even attach the tile cleaner as well with the scrub so that it can help you cleaning the tiles much effectively and perfectly. Continue reading